Cannot delete Linked Reference layer


I have this linked AutoCAD file in the model and the layers in the reference just cannot be deleted. I have used Purge and also deleted all the blocks in the Blockmanager. Nothing is locked or hidden. I just have no idea why the layers are still there.
I am using rhino 5 but apparently this would also happen in rhino 6.
Any help would be great, thank you.


Hi Kelvin - do any blocks show in block manager at all? Are you showing hidden ones?


Thanks for you reply Pascal, I have checked the unhide box already but the layers are still there.

I have seen this a few times. Have you tried to save, close and reopen? My experience is that there is a bug regarding deleting referenced files (some times)

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Hello - how about the reference blocks (20)?


This has worked for me in the past too

Thanks guys!!! It worked after I closed and reopen it. Cheers for all the help. Just wish that if rhino could separate link references and blocks like autoCAD.

+1 Works in Rhino 6 to open BlockManager and delete the linked blocks, even if there are no remaining instances in the project. I guess it still remembers them & their file path, in case you want to place more.