Rhino 7 problem deleting blocks

I am having a problem deleting blocks in rhino 7.
When I delete a block I get a layer deletion warning. Basically Rhino seems to want to delete the layer that the block is on too. This is really problematic as I have big groups of blocks and the alert comes up for every single block!

This has just started happening yesterday.

Is there a fix for this? I urgently need a solution!

Should be fixed in the new WIP

I just noticed the same behaviour. No harm done when pressing escape.

yes but when you have a group of 50 blocks, it get a bit tiresome hitting escape 50times!

When is that release?


It is not. I’m working on updated WiP and I observed it today.

Thank you, I was just about to report this hellish nightmare. The most time wasted was while trying to figure out what have I done wrong and triggering panic mode. : D

Ive just reinstalled and its still happening so doesnt seem to be fixed

Disable the RPC plug-in - does that help?

Nope, at least here.

OK - I can’t repeat this here in the latest WIP - and this really, really sounds like the RPC plug-in bug.

Can you send me a screen capture of your plug-in manager?

Sorted by loaded first.

Seemed to work for me. I had to close all my open files and when I reopened them, it seems to have been remedied.
Will let you know tomorrow if the the problem pops up again.