Cannot browse for content in WIP8 "Render Libraries"?

In RH 7, the “Libraries” panel allows me to browse my hard drive for content wherever I have it stored. Materials, blocks, anything. In WIP 8 the similar panel is “Render Libraries” and it does not give me access to move around to other folders. Is there another panel for this, or settings somewhere that need to be set?

Libraries in RH7

Render Libraries in WIP 8

Looks like 8 is starting you at the top directory of the C: drive. What happens when you click one of the triangles at the left of a directory name? The users directory in particular?

Actually, when trying to get what I have in RH7, I went into the 8 settings and set a path option to C:. It doesn’t matter what path. If you look at the images, the 7 version does not have the render system icon buttons. No matter the path or folder, the render buttons are there in 8. I suspect this panel is only for render materials, etc.

Hello- yes, thanks for the poke - the Library needs a bit more work.