(Render) Library panel

I’ve been using the library panel a lot recently in Rhino 7 not only for Rhino files but also for Grasshopper definitions. I like how I can drag and drop files and the option to Open, Insert, Import and Attach a file. The libraries panel is basically an Explorer in Rhino, right?

In the Rhino WIP settings, the Libraries panel is called Render Libraries.

Drag and drop is disabled. In the current WIP, when I right click a file in the Libraries panel and hit open, the file is opened in Rhino 7.

What is the reason / benefit for this limitation in Rhino WIP?

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Hi Martin,

I too use the Libraries for all sorts of non-rendering files, and have the same problem.
There is a complimentary thread on this issue here. WIP 8: Library problems

Sorry I didn’t see your topic. Looks like it covers everything. This topic here could be closed.