WIP 8: Library problems

In the Rhino8 WIP, I can’t you drag files from the Libraries panel into the viewports. I use this function all the time in Rhino 6 & 7. Will this functionality be added to 8?

Also, is there a way to view the files in the library as a list instead of with thumbnails? Again, in Rhino 6 & 7 I can choose the view for each folder, setting it to small to large thumbnails or to a list or detail view. Will the list and/or detail view be added back to 8?

Also, the Libraries seem to show all of the files within all of the subfolders at the same time. Is there a way to have it only show one subfolder at a time? Otherwise, what is the use of subfolders?

In fact, many of the subfolders don’t show in the interface at all! In this example, you can see that there are three subfolders in my “4-prong Bead and Bright” folder, dividing the files by gem size. However, all of the .3dm files are lumped together in the Rhino Library panel.

Here is the same folder in Rhino 7:
Rhino7 subfolders Rhino7 files as list

OK, I did figure out how to make a list view, but it is not intuitive. First I had to enable the Thumbnail slider under the Libraries options. Once the slider is on, I can slide it way down to 5% or so and get a good looking list view.

Can this be an option when I right-click in the library? When I right-click, I get four thumbnail options, from Tiny up to Large. However the Tiny (25%) shows the thumbnails in a grid without the file names. (They do show up when hovered over). Can there be one more preset view called “List” (or something similar) which looks like the attached 5% example?


Sorry for the late response. Yes we could add a list option and also the drag and drop needs to be fixed. I will log YT issues for these.




Hi Max, no worries. I’m sure that there are a lot of requests going on for the WIP. Can I ask you to add one more to this topic?

Lowest level of subfolders are not functional in Libraries. If the filepath looks like:

Parent Folder

  • Subfolder A
  • Subfolder B

Then the Library only displays the Parent Folder in the tree and lists all of the contents in Subfolders A and B in the Parent Folder in one pool.

Please see my screenshots above.


This behaviour was added to the libraries in Rhino version 8. The behaviour to display all the files in the selected folder and it’s subfolders. @johnc might have a better answer to this and maybe we should rethink the design?

Thank you for the reply. I would like to add that the current behavior of the WIP (showing contents of folders and all subfolders) makes all of the file organization that I’ve done useless. For example, I have a render material folder with metal materials. I have about a 13 different metals that I use regularly. However, I also have 5 different variations of textures and finishes for each metal. So my metals folder looks like this:


  • Polished Metals
  • Sandblasted Metals
  • Satin Metals
  • Brushed Metals
  • Hammered Metals

In Rhino 7, I can easily find any metal I need, in whatever finish. However in Rhino 8, These “texture” subfolders are made useless and I have to scroll through all 65 material options in one list!

PLEASE reconsider this design change to the library.

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Having access to an organized folder and subfolder system is essential to my own Rhino workflow. I agree with Mike that having to scroll through all my files, without subfolders, would be a huge disadvantage!

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Hi everyone.

We understand your frustration and were are planning to add an option for this feature as some people really like it and others really hate it. The default will be to work with folders like V7 does.





Hi all,

There was a bug in the libraries dialog that resulted in some folder not showing up at all.

Now all the subfolders should show up in the three and it is possible to select these subfolders to display the contents in them.

Br, Max

Thanks Max,

I’ve got the latest WIP now and I see that I can see the contents inside each subfolder now. However, I still see all of the content of all of the subfolders at once when I am in the parent folder. Can this be simplified so that we only see the content within the selected folder (not subfolders)?

Also, I still can’t import a .3dm by dragging it from the library into a viewport. In Rhino 6 & 7 I can drag a .3dm, .rmtl, .renv, or any image file from the library into the viewport and import it into the current file. Can this function be restored?


Hi @MikeM,

We have an YT issue for the drag and drop not working.

Also we have an YT issue to add an option to show only content in the selected folder and not in any further subfolders. I just wanted to make sure there is a need for the option and I see that there is :). So this will be implemented also.

Br, Max

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Hi Max, Just checking on this issue. I haven’t heard anything about updates to the Library functionality in a while. Is there any progress on dragging and dropping files (including .3dm files) to Import them, both on Mac & PC?

It seems to me that all of the work done on the Library so far has been to optimize it for rendering assets. I just want to point out that many of use the Library for MUCH more than rendering assets.

I think the Library was designed originally for Render assets, but good to hear that the Library is used for other things as well. Not only rendering assets. The drag and drop issue is not yet fixed, but it is in the list for v8.

Yes, we use it to import pre-made gems, prongs, ring finger sizes, gem cutters, etc. In our classes we give students a library of around 900 that we select from all the time. The Library panel has been game changing for our workflow in both Rhino 6 & 7. Major interface changes to the Library could seriously affect how we teach. I’d be happy to give more details about our school’s use case to any of the developers involved in revamping the Libraries for Rhino 8.

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+1 for using the Library for drag and drop History enabled part templates. I don’t use rendering at all.

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Yes please fix the drag and drop Problem. How it works in Rhino 7 is great.

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One other place where the Libraries seem to be getting more limited is in the Rhino Options dialog. Even the name of the tool got changed from generic “Libraries” to the more specific “Render Libraries.”

Now that you know that many of us use these libraries for component files, blocks, other .3dm’s, GH definitions, etc. in addition to .rmtl and .renv files, please reconsider this name change. “Libraries” was generic enough for me, but “Asset Libraries” would also work if you really want to give it a new name.


  • Mike

Hi Mike -

RH-71815 Libraries: Revert to the Rhino 7 name: “Libraries”

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