WIP 8: Library problems

In the Rhino8 WIP, I can’t you drag files from the Libraries panel into the viewports. I use this function all the time in Rhino 6 & 7. Will this functionality be added to 8?

Also, is there a way to view the files in the library as a list instead of with thumbnails? Again, in Rhino 6 & 7 I can choose the view for each folder, setting it to small to large thumbnails or to a list or detail view. Will the list and/or detail view be added back to 8?

Also, the Libraries seem to show all of the files within all of the subfolders at the same time. Is there a way to have it only show one subfolder at a time? Otherwise, what is the use of subfolders?

In fact, many of the subfolders don’t show in the interface at all! In this example, you can see that there are three subfolders in my “4-prong Bead and Bright” folder, dividing the files by gem size. However, all of the .3dm files are lumped together in the Rhino Library panel.

Here is the same folder in Rhino 7:
Rhino7 subfolders Rhino7 files as list

OK, I did figure out how to make a list view, but it is not intuitive. First I had to enable the Thumbnail slider under the Libraries options. Once the slider is on, I can slide it way down to 5% or so and get a good looking list view.

Can this be an option when I right-click in the library? When I right-click, I get four thumbnail options, from Tiny up to Large. However the Tiny (25%) shows the thumbnails in a grid without the file names. (They do show up when hovered over). Can there be one more preset view called “List” (or something similar) which looks like the attached 5% example?


Sorry for the late response. Yes we could add a list option and also the drag and drop needs to be fixed. I will log YT issues for these.




Hi Max, no worries. I’m sure that there are a lot of requests going on for the WIP. Can I ask you to add one more to this topic?

Lowest level of subfolders are not functional in Libraries. If the filepath looks like:

Parent Folder

  • Subfolder A
  • Subfolder B

Then the Library only displays the Parent Folder in the tree and lists all of the contents in Subfolders A and B in the Parent Folder in one pool.

Please see my screenshots above.