Can we have a Crosshair toggle [via a button] please

@John_Brock requested that I should start a new thread here for this question posted on the How to change the color of a crosshair? thread.

At the moment it seems that the toggle for Crosshair is only found in Pref. > Adv. which make it unpracticed to toggle.
Wouldn’t a dedicated toggle command, or a way to create a Macro be more user friendly and practical?

thanks a lot

Sorry I don’t use mac but here is a Vbscript I wrote and have on an icon that does something similar maybe someone can cast it into python format so it will work in Mac.

-RunScript (
Sub setCrossHairs
Dim arrNames(1),setting
arrNames(0) = "yes"
arrNames(1) = "no"
setting = Rhino.GetString("Set Cross Hairs?",, arrNames)
If setting = arrNames(0)Then '"yes" Then
  Rhino.AppearanceDisplay 6, True
  If setting = arrNames(1)Then '"no" Then
  Rhino.AppearanceDisplay 6, False
  End If
End If
End Sub


This works on Windows to toggle the crosshairs:

! _-Options _Appearance _Visibility _Crosshairs !

on Mac it would then maybe be:

! _-Preferences _Appearance _Visibility _Crosshairs !

But I haven’t tried it… maybe someone could.

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Hi Akash - I’ve added some comments to the open RH-40076.

Mitch - there is no Appearance section on the Mac so that doesn’t work.

Thank you all.

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Well, that’s totally bizarre - whose idea was that?

OK, here is a python script that toggles crosshair display. Works on Windows or Mac. You can run it from an alias or hotkey or make a custom button. (353 Bytes)

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The Script works great thanks a lot.

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