Changing cursor to pointer in Rhino 6 WIP for mac

Hello, can anyone tell me how to change the cursor in Rhino for mac V6 WIP from a crosshair to a pointer?


In Preferences > Advanced, you can set the Rhino.Options.Appearance.ShowCrosshairs option to True.
You can just type “crosshair” in the search box in “Advanced” to filter options.

Thanks for the response. I followed your directions but no change occured whether is the setting was true of false?



Let’s take this from the beginning. Did you have version 5.5 installed and in that version it works as you want it?

Yes and Yes!

This was also reported here. This will be fixed in next week’s WIP release.

I think there maybe confusion over what “crosshairs” is.

I’ve seen a bug that makes the cursor into small crosshair cursor, not the crosshairs that extend out to the edge of the screen.

edit: yeah the report was exactly what i mean.

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