I really, really hate windows and really really want to just work on a MAC… Will crosshairs be implemented at some point (soon)?

Crosshair display is the feature keeping you from using Mac Rhino?

No, but I’ve decided to not make a huge list and instead pick off some perhaps low hanging fruit… but honestly it would make me at least 25 percent more likely to open the program.

Thanks for the details

checking back in on this… any chance I might see it in the WIP?

i can understand how not having a crosshair can stop one. its a spiritual thing. also having the ability to switch it even off would be cool, no mouse cursor no crosshair nothing :smiley: i used to play ego shooters like that. nothing to get in your way, may the force be with you .

Not yet. If you create a YouTrack login, you can “Star” to “follow” RH-40076, that way you will get an email notification when the bug budges.

I’m not really following you, what’s an ego shooter? It’s just about keeping a throughline from CAD, to rhino to rhino for mac. Crosshairs are core to the way I (and many others) think about digital drafting.

great I starred it… one day I hope to never use a PC again.

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actually i tried to be humorous :wink: it did not work well it seems. ego shooters are first person shooter, something like quake arena, unreal tournament etc. i forgot that ego shooter is the german word for it. maybe it has sounded cynical but i was quite serious. but honestly if a crosshair stops you from using a tool, then you are probably not busy enough :smiley: i would not mind having one but during modeling it might be a bit in the way not sure though because i have abandoned autocad before i even got into it and mac rhino never had one.

Maybe one day I’ll be “busy enough” to insult people I don’t know on the internet.

how do you think somebody may feel, coincidentally reading your hatred against windows :wink:

Why no Crosshairs for Mac?

go to your rhino preferences click advanced, type cross you will end up with a handful of lines

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-23 um 19.46.03

check the box so that it becomes true, start a new command and see if that works.

i must honestly say after working now for a year with it i got fed up and deactivated it again, it gets in the way too often, but see for yourself.

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