Can Linewidth in Plan Views match those in the model?

  1. Never for me, neither when first created nor with any number of settings adjustments. (Not unless they’re exploded) I’ve uploaded the file and sent you a link.
  2. (See number 1)
  3. This is newly recognized now that I am testing printing, but it’s related: The Plan View in that detail window doesn’t respond to changes in the default line weight setting in the print window. (Nor to scaling. The dimensions, which aren’t part of the plan, do respond to scaling.) They respond - both print and display - to changes in pixel display width for curves in Options>WIreframe>Curves, but that adjustment is too coarse; it will only double or triple them. I don’t know what they are printing at, but they’re too thin - they appear to be hairline and nothing I’ve tried has changed that.

PrintDisplay command?

What display mode are you using to print? Some modes (ones using the Technical pipeline) don’t respect lineweight settings. Modes using OpenGL should.

Lineweight can be set per object (via properties) or per layer:

Note that if you are trying to set per detail lineweight by layer, you have to double click in to the detail so it is active before you set the per detail weight. Otherwise you are only setting line weight for the layout itself.

Linetype scale display is another matter, and currently there no way of properly previewing. You have to do a check plot to be sure you linetype scales are correct, which is quite aggravating.


This is in the wrong forum, sorry. it’s a VisualArq PLan View I’m talking about.

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