Line widths in plan view (visualarq)

Is there a way that the plan view can read the width of the lines?

What do you mean by “read”. If you want line thickness to appear in Rhino Viewports, you can execute the PrintDisplay command.

The Viewport will then preview your drawings with the line thickness and linetype define in Layer or VisualARQ Style properties.

Thickness is multiplied by a factor (to get them thinner or thicker depending on need) that you can define in the Command Line, while PrintDisplay Command is running.

Hi Flatform, as it appears in the image, so it appears with the Print Display command activated

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So your issue is that PrintDisplay is not displaying with Line width in VisualARQ Plan view, but is ok in other Style viewports.

Works correctly in our case.

Check that your wall, or other va object style attributes have the correct line thickness applied (by parent, by layer, by element etc.) That is within the Visual ARQ Styles Panel.

Hi @miguelayora3,

Please, could I get your file so that I can check your settings to figure out what is happening?