Can I return the iso-curve position?

Is it impossible to align isocurves?
I think it will be easy to see and modeling.
Please give me advice.

Hello - can you give an example? Isocurves are not completely arbitrary, they show the UV directions and by default some information about the surface structure (density and distribution of knots) so they cannot just go ‘anywhere’. It is possible, technically, not in current Rhino) to set isocurve spacing using other criteria than Rhino does but they will still always follow the U and V of the surface.


A curve can be created which matches the u or v isocurve of a surface which passes through a point on that surface. _ExtractIsocurve

I thought it would be nice if I could select and move an isocurve.
But that is a system that can not be done.

I studied very much.
Thank you for your message.