Hi everyone, please help me how to isocurev line correct

sos.3dm (432.3 KB)

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Are you wanting to extract the Iso curve where you have drawn the blue line? If so you can just use ExtractIsocurve Command in Rhino.

isocurve in broken image, How to isocurve not like that?

Hello - I don’t know what the constraints are but I’d be inclined to build it something like this:

sos_Maybe.3dm (336.4 KB)


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Please give me a 3dm file to check

Thank you very much, can you guide me to create that surface?

I use rhino very poorly, if you have documents, please give me !!!

Hello - I would check here:



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Can you show me how to make that surface? plss

hello - see if this file helps at all.

sos_Maybe.3dm (352.8 KB)


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Thank “Pascal Golay” very much, but there is one problem which I wonder "how isococves is straight line?

Looking at the image :ISOCURVES of the surface is curved,
I want it to be straight line .

Why? Can you post a file with this surface?


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