Spacing between isocurves

I was wondering if there is a an option specify distance between isocurves when extracting them, what say I’m extracting 2 isocurves on a circular surface in the same direction, is there a way to tell rhino how far apart i want them? or if i extract an isocurve in the opposite direction can I add points by distance to use as markers for extracting in the initial direction? any guidance would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Ryan - you don’t get to specify, but you can play tricks, like, extract and isocurve in one direction, run Divide or Divide > Length to mark off that curve and then swp directions and ExtractIsocurve snapping to the points. You can snap with Int to existing isocurve intersectioins.


Your awesome Pascal! pretty much what I was looking for, nothing fancy just some way to setup markers to osnap to :smiley: would be awesome to have that command on the fly or a snap distance setting but your solution is easy enough!