Rhino isocurve density problem

i need to increase visual isocurve density in rhino for some graphical needs. but when i do it its seems that the isocurves are closer in some places in surface.
i also tested the rhino standard helix and pipe command but i had same problem with it .
is there any way to fix this kind of visualization to get the isocurves in same distance form each other?

No, there is not as far as I know. This has been asked for from time to time (don’t recall in recent years though). Rhino’s display is based on the surface’s knot structure, if it’s even, the isocurves will be more or less evenly spaced, if they are bunched in places, you will see that in the isocurves.


Thank You

What might help a bit would be to rebuild your pipe input rail with some goodly number of points, that will have a tendency to even out the knot spacing. You could also do that with the pipe surface itself in the along direction. Beware, rebuilding may make the curves/surfaces heavier and may also change their shape somewhat - but for visual purposes you might get away with it.


i checked rebuilding input curve before this post but it didnt help.
you are right rebuilding the surface itself is the way to get rid of that kind of isocurves
thank u so much