Camera controls: Sectional Isometric VIew

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to achieve a sectional isometric angle like the example i showed here? I have tried many times but its impossible to skew the camera angle in rhino to get the desired vired/ camera angle that ive drawn in red


What you need is a cavalier perspective I think. If there were settings to edit the parallel projection in Rhino you could achieve it. I don´t know if this is possible.

Hi @aastonyap,

Yes, you can create a cavalier projection by construction. Here’s how.

  1. Create your objects as normal and then copy what you want in the drawing into a new model.

  2. Place a box around your objects, marking the extents of the scene, hide or delete anything outside the box, then group the remaining objects and box

  3. Draw a sphere centred on the bottom front right corner of the box and with a radius equal to the length of the box in the Y direction. Draw a line from the centre of the sphere at 45 degrees in plan and 30 degrees in right elevation, long enough to intersect the sphere, and mark the intersection with a point

  4. Scale1D the box and objects in the Y direction down to where the back of the box aligns with the point

  5. Shear the box and objects 45 degrees to the right in the top view

  6. Shear the box and objects 30 degrees up in the right view

  7. Hide the box and the construction lines and, in the front view, you have your Cavalier Projection