Camera Clipping

Hi everyone,

Ive got an issue where I my solids get clipped even though I have no clippingplane active.
All this is in shaded mode

And as you can see in general the view is not like im used to. Its like its a combination of ghosted&shaded.
Any one an idea what I can do to fix it? Already tried restarting of Rhino.

Hi Kay - if you hit F6 to toggle the camera on in that view, how does the camera frustum look in the other views - is it small compared to the scene as a whole?


No not that I can see. The weird thing is that it only occurs when I orbit around the back of the building im modelling. The front and two sides are no affected by the clipping or the weird dual viewport style.

Ok found the solution myself. I had a rectangular light which was somehow directly in my camera/view and that somehow bugged the whole viewport out. Thanks anyways pascal.

Whelp nevermind. Still there…what would I have to do if the camera were small compared to the scene?

Hi Kay - if there is a lot of stuff behind the camera, in Perspective, things can go south - you might try, just as a test, hiding geometry that is behind the camera - starting with the farthest away, and see if that does anything.


Yeah I did no changes sadly. If I press F6 and move the camera to when it starts clipping and I check in the top viewport. It seems that it clips where the point in the middle is of the camera.

It makes working on this modell much harder.

Hi Kay - can you please save small, zip and upload the file here, to my attention (Pascal) and I’ll take a look.


right-o. uploaded it. thanks!

Hi Kay - hide or move the text that has “TÇNG 2” and the big rectangle - those seem to be the culprits - not sure why, yet. It looks like anything placed out there at the edge or behind, forces the clipping plane somehow. I’ll see if we can do anything about this, I suspect it is the objects’ bounding box that is aligned partly behind the camera.