Viewport / Display mode clipping model

A project I am working on is giving me semi-clipped camera views despite the camera’s position well away from any surfaces. When using the perspective viewport camera, buildings become degraded, even x-ray like and surfaces edges begin to show through polysurfaces (see image 01).

When using the -viewcapturetofile command the display partially corrects its self ( see image 02).

It appears to me there is a non-editable camera clipplane causing the issues. Image 03 shows the camera wireframe in relationship to the other structures.

I have attempted to play with the “auto adjust camera target after plan and zoom” setting in Options > Views, camera target + camera lens in Viewport Properties, and opening the project on a more powerful machine.

Please note I have pix-elated the none affected buildings as requested by our client.Viewport Exampels.pdf (2.9 MB)

Hi Aaaron,

you might try entering the test command TestShowZBiasFactor and lower the default value 1 from the commandline to a smaller value to get rid of the artifacts in the shaded viewport.