Camera clipping problem on large models

Hi Guys,

I am working on a very large (not detailed, but vast) model, roughly 30x30 km in size. I need to take some shots from close-up to the ground, but with the whole model visible, there is visual clipping happening to the objects close to the camera. Once the vast context is off, all is fine.
Is there any way to control this so the clipping does not occur at all with such vast models?



Out of curiosity have you tried adding a far clipping plane facing the camera to minimize the extent?

Hi Jorgen, I just did, but unfortunately it has no effect, even if i clip the far stuff (i need it in views though). Must the the huge scene bounding box but I wish there was a way to control it manually. @jeff - do you have any suggestions?

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Clipping happens at close range all too often as well. I thought I heard that by putting the viewport in parallel projection minimizes this. Clearly on the the end of the spectrum, what I am talking about compared to your situation. Just throwing that out there. —- Mark

hi Mark, thanks; unfortunately I need perspective projection for this to study particular views with larger context…

Hi Jarek - I think this is caused, or exacerbated, by having a lot (large in extents) of stuff behind the camera - it might be worth experimenting with hiding as much as possible behind your camera, or possibly clipping is with a clipping plane - I don’t know whether that last will have any effect if the geometry is still in place, but might be worth a try.


Hi Pascal,

I tried both adding ClippingPlane to clip immediately behind the camera, and manually deleting everything behind the camera (not very practical) but neither of them make a difference.
The only thing I noticed is if I pull the camera target closer to camera, I see less or no clipping close by, but then the far stuff gets clipped : ( And I need both.
Would it help to upload a file for anyone to take a look, or this is a known problem/limitation we will have to live with ?


@Jarek Yes, an example file always helps… If we can’t reproduce it here, then your file is all we have.

I am not aware of such a problem, but since Rhino auto-computes the near and far clipping planes based on the scene, I can certainly see how something like this could/can happen in certain situations. But again, I’d need to see the example before making anymore speculations.


@Jeff - I have uploaded the file for you via McNeel support.
It also has a PDF of what I see from both NamedViews in the file with the context turned on/off.
Any suggestions to make it work appreciated!



hi @Jeff - did you receive the file uploaded to Support ?

Hi Jarek - I see the file, thanks, I’ll send it along to Jeff.


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Just to confirm, it happened to me too.

Still hoping there is a way to address this - it comes up recently quite often with the projects we are working on. @jeff, do you have any suggestions?

Hi Jarek,

Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you or have looked at this… I’m currently dealing with a pretty serious family crisis at the moment, and will not be able to look at anything until next week…


Hi Jeff, thanks for the note - please don’t worry about this - hope you sort out the personal matters that naturally are the highest priority. Good luck.


I still did not find any solution for this, but one thing I realized is that the camera target distance affects the clipping - if it’s closer to the camera, far geometry gets clipped, if far from camera, close stuff disappears. Still hoping for a way to see everything…

What happens if you scale everything down to 1% of the original, is the clipping tolerance equally affected so you end up with the same result (just on a smaller scale)?

I have tried scaling all (incl. my named views) by 0.01, 0.0001, by 100, 1000… the clipping changes slightly but is still very prominent and impossible to make a view that has both closeup and far-away stuff. I could badly use this working now…
thanks for the suggestion to try. I have zero new ideas how to fix this and I have spent hours trying :confused:

Could you make a simple dummy file that illustrates the problem and your need? I would like to take a look :slight_smile:

Hi Holo, thanks!
I made a dumbed-down version of the same file.
It has 2 NamedViews - one with target close to camera does far-clipping, one with far from camera does near-clipping.

Here is the file:
LargeScene_ClipProblem.3dm (1.2 MB)

And here is how it looks:

I need to see everything in this file (close and far) to do the work and views evaluation properly…

thanks for taking a look at this!