Calculate area of several object in text fx field

Is there any hack to multiply the area of multiple objects in a text field?

Hello - It should be possible to add these in the text forumula, I think, , but in practice I am having trouble making that work consistently so far… I’ll see if I can figure out what the trick is.


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It’s an addition on your screenshot…

found a solution! to do it you should use python sum() function:



Could you advise me on how to express in text fx, for example:


The goal is to have the proper areas of hatches laid on top of drawings in scale, for example, 1:100. So, the area calculated in Layout should be multiplied by 100.

Thank you very much!

I think the more correct solution is to scale everything to 1:1 and then set a necessary scale in layout to avoid future mistakes. Other way to do this you can use this expression:


Thank you very much!

I have tested it, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work as expected. :confused:

I have scale drawings on paper, and the idea was to add dimensions and hatch areas on top of them in the layout space to avoid messing up the 3D model. Perhaps it’s not a good idea?

Please attach the file

@rrrrrrrrush You are great! Sorry, I don´t see the file :confused: Please, Could you please repost it.

Sorry for the long response :frowning: I mean I need your file to check what is wrong