Area in text field (using other units as model units)


i am drawing architecture plans and i prefer to draw in cm, but i like my outputs in m.

When i use text with a text field and choose area my area is in cm². Can i somehow set it to m²?

Maybe somehow divide the area by 10000?

%<area(“e7d03e26-178d-4cc0-bebb-756991af69dd”)>% / 10000. I have no idea how to do this, any tips would be appreciated :slight_smile:

If you run the Area command without pre-selecting any objects, you have a command line option to change the units of your output.

HTH, Jakob

EDIT: Sorry - you are looking for anotations, not the area command. Can’t help you there, but I’m sure someone else can :slight_smile:

Hi Jakub - I don’t see a way to do this; if the value is static and need not update(?), then it should be easy to script a sort of hacked dimension using a leader.

thanks pascal, i hope i am not the only one who would find this feature useful.


I would like this feature as well. It exists pretty simple in AutoCad where you just enter a multiplication factor to the area formula.