Text Fields referenceing grouped objects


Please help!

Any idea on how to use Text Fields referencing grouped objects to get cumulative area?

Hello - I do not think that is possible, currently.


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Thank you for your comment. I’m open to an idea to code it, any idea?

Hello - it should be possible to make text that pays attention to some cumulative say, area,using a script but it is tricky making that ‘live’ - the most likely scenario is that you’d need to run an updater command to refresh the texts after changes are made to the source objects - is that reasonable?


I was curious about this myself. In WIP 7 you can now do math operations on text functions. Because of that , this is actually now possible. Here’s an example idea.

%<Area(“ff0ffd6e-67a8-47e2-92cc-0d863da0fb6c”) + Area(“8d13c962-f04a-40b1-8b6f-e8797ee5bac8”)>%

You’d have to string this together by hand but if you nest the %<Area(object_id) + Area(object_id)>% for each object in your group it will give you the total.


Much better, thanks Trav.


That’s a nice trick! Thanks Trav

Yeah, fun stuff. @stevebaer added a bunch of cool tricks for text functions in v7.


Yeah! this could be my main goal. I’ll do some research about it.

I hope we could hear comments from other gurus here. PLS :slight_smile:

@Trav we should look into making this work for groups. Seems like if we can’t find an object with a given GUID, we could look in the group table for a group with a given GUID and then perform the appropriate action on each item in the group to create a cumulative result.


Definitely, I hope McNeel guys consider this in their future development.

@stevebaer for sure. Seems easy enough to make the picker support groups. I can stitch the function together on apply.

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I’ve logged the request here.

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