Text effects - fx Area. Multiple objects?


Is it possible to attach %Area on multiple objects? I’d love to be able to select multiple amount of hatches/lines to be calculated continuously while I work on them.

Is it possible to set a fixed suffix, depending on what units you have set the text to?

I’ve been trying to set up a dimensionstyle for DimArea, but I can’t seem to set the units to meters neither put a suffix as m². It feels stupid its dependent on what unit-setting your file is set to.

Its a tedious job to add “Meters” to all my DimAreas.

Anyone have any tips or workaround? Prefer not to work with grasshopper.

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I made a button - install & try.

AreaText.rui (4.9 KB)


Cheers. Will give a try on Monday!

The button is great. It adds meters(changed it to m²) as a suffix to the selected geometry and places it nicely in the centermark of each geometry! I can calculate multiple objects with the script - but what would be next level is one text object that calculates all my selected geometry(hatches mostly)

Would that be possbile? thanks for the help!

A text object can be created that shows the cumulative area of all your objects, but if you change an object it cannot be made to update the text automatically. That can only happen per object afaik.

Here is a button with right-click is cumulative area with suffix m². Or is it better if it’s just meters? You might need to delete the old button first…

AreaText.rui (6.3 KB)

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Hi, I just installed the first version via drag and drop into the rhino window but wanted to try this version now. How do I delete the prior version? I cannot find the installed file anywhere…

Just run Toolbar command, then click on the old toolbar. Then select Delete from the Edit menu. I think that’s all it takes.

Renaming it seemed to work. Thank you