CageEdit problem


in the example file below there is a closed curve and one line which is used to cageedit the closed curve. If i turn points on for the line and move oneend points, the preview looks ok, but as soon as i release the mouse, i get some strange distorsion.

It behaves identical in V5 and V6 but does not feel right. Can this be improved so the curve which is shown in the dynamic preview is created in the WIP ?

CageEditProblem.3dm (51.9 KB)

btw. it uses “Local” with a Radius=5 and Falloff=20.


I’m no Pascal but I think you can get what you’re after or close to it by changing the Radius of local influence to .1 The result is not as loose as the preview in terms of the proximity to the captive but the smooth falloff is maintained without a flat region.

Does that work?


thanks i’ll try this too. Problem is i need to find a reliable and scriptable way to do it and cannot ensure what the user enters for the radius and falloff. I’ve found that if i set _PreserveStructure=Yes option it behaves better with lighter curves…