Cage editing with the same curve a second time?

I’m just learning cage editing in Rhino, and it seems crazy powerful (it’s called “lattice deform” in most other software, which is why I didn’t find it previously).

But I’m missing something when it comes to the workflow:

  1. Create some surfaces
  2. Create a curve
  3. CageEdit
  4. Select all surfaces
  5. Select the curve

All is now well and you can move the curve control points and watch the surfaces deform in real-time.

Super neat.


  1. Do something else
  2. Now CageEdit again
  3. Select the same surfaces
  4. Select the same curve

Now, instead of being able to deform the surfaces in real-time, they instantly get pulled to the curve.

Why is this?

How can I avoid this? I want the first behavior also the second time I run CageEdit on the objects.

ReleaseFromCage doesn’t matter and neither does HistoryPurge on the curve.

Hello - I believe there was a bug in reusing control objects - but I thought that had been fixed - hmm - I see what you describe. Exploding the cage-from-curve back to a curve, before the second use, will sort it out. As an aside - if you are caging surfaces, you may want to set PreserveStructure=Yes. Cage, stop and then cage again is not the same as one application of cage - if the structure is densified by cage editing and then the whole process started over, then the input is the dense object, the original simpler object is lost. One application of CageEdit always looks back at a hidden copy of the original input object to deform from that, it does not re-deform the output as a new input when you move a cage point, if you see what I mean.


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Thank you for the information about hot Cage Edit works!

I only tried HistoryPurge and not Explode. It works as expected after doing that, but I’m glad it was a bug because if the issue you created could be fixed, the workflow would be streamlined!

RH-55960 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Yeah I always saw this bug but never thought to report it. Good to see it was a bug and that it’s fixed too.

Lovely, can’t wait to test this!