Cage Edit bugs

Hi @pascal,

I have a medium complex polysurface to which i would like to do some minor changes without remodeling the whole thing.

If i use _CageEdit with a rectangle (2x2 pts) as control object, then enter a very small distance for the height, and region to edit (using local region) almost the whole model is changed. It behaves identical to global edits and the height and region values do not show much different effects, even if i enter tiny values like 1mm, the edits show effect in regions of the model which are more than 500mm away. There must be something broken with the units entered, if i enter smaller values i only get distorsions.


Hi Clement- are you also setting the falloff distance to be small? There are two things- ‘height of region to edit’ and ‘falloff distance’. These need to make sense with one another. So far here it seems correct to me - feel free to send me your file though.


Hi Pascal,

i´ve uploaded a file to your attention containing the object in question. The deformation should happen between the two planes, the distance to apply the edits is marked with 2 arrows. I´ve been trying with a vertical rectangle and a line between the arrows, but i do not find the values to avoid that the deformation is limited between the planes. It either deformes very wide, or distorts the object visually.

What really irritates is that height and falloff distance values using real measurements, do not match. (Tried with a line control object with default values between the arrows and Falloff distance 30. The radius was about 50).

Thanks for taking a look.