Bug Rhino WIP - CageEdit

Currently using CageEdit (BoundingBox) to edit a closed curve. Dragging the box Control Points does not alter the curve. Tried the same thing in Rhino 5 and it worked fine there.

Using Rhino WIP for Windows

Hi Luc- can you post an example? My quick test here works as expected…



Here’s the example file:

Example_CageEdit.3dm (37.6 KB)

I used CageEdit, BoundingBox, World, Global.
I can deform the Bounding Box but the shape remains rigid.

Hi Luc - that works here - that is, I see that your cage is not attached to the curve but a new one I make is and it deforms the curve as expected. I can attach your cage to the curve using CageEdit and that also works here.

Not sure what to suggest… here’s mine: Example_CageEdit_PG.3dm (70.8 KB)


Weird… I am able to move the curve using your bounding box.
But if I delete it and create my own in the same file, it stops working.
I’ll look into this a bit more and try to find the problem…