!_Cage wrong by curve

I drew attention to the strange behavior of the !_Cage.
If I create an planar rectangle or square and use the _Cage, then the bounding box container is created the correspond to the borders of the rectangle.
But if I scaled this rectangle (by 1d) and again use the Cage command, then the “cage” dimensions go beyond the original rectangle. It is not right.

This is about planar curves and polyline.
In the first example, the inconsistency of only one view (on Top is right, but left view is wrong)
In the second, there is always a discrepancy in all three coordinates.


! _Cage.3dm (894.4 KB)

Hello- I am not sure what you intend here but the cages in the file you posted are not attached to the curves - if the cages are controlling the curves and you scale the or otherwise edit the shape of the curve, you will get a warning that the cage will be detached.
Note the Cage command creates a cage but does not attach it to anything - CageEdit attaches a cage.


Hello, Pascal!
Of course I mean _CageEdit
I’m sorry I misled you.

! _CageEdit _Pause _BoundingBox

If the side of the rectangle has a 10:0.99 aspect ratio or less on the long side then the BoundingBox is created correctly.
If aspect ratio 10:1 or more on the long side then BoundingBox goes beyond.

! _CageEdit _Pause _BoundingBox.3dm (270.6 KB)

This case has gone on for a long time (R5).
Sometimes it is necessary to quickly fit a planar curve, but a large BoundingBox makes it difficult.


Hi Leex- thanks, I see this.

RH-69857 CageEdit: BoundingBox can be oversized on 2d objects


Thanks Pascal
If you’ll to fix this command for the planar curves, then I would like to wish not to create BoundingBox in three coordinates. 2d is quite enough.
Thanks again

Hi Leex - I can ask, I understand the request… I can also imagine that for 2d objects, the cage should at least optionally find the plane regardless of the CPlane. For now,

! Boundingbox Pause Enter Pause SelLast PlanarSrf Delete CageEdit

may help.

It really works. Thank you.
But a single rectangle is just for an example.
Sometimes it happens that it is necessary to stretch or deform of the many curves (Patterns). For example the same gexagons.
Maybe only CadgeEdit helps here

By the way, now CadgeEdi works incorrectly not only 2d curves, but also on 2d surfaces.

RH-69857 is fixed in the latest WIP

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