CadMouse Pro Radial Menu Not Working

Using the new 3d connexion cad mouse pro wireless in RhinoV6. I have assigned some commands to the radial menu. The menu pops up fine, but when I click on one of the commands nothing happens ? tia
(ps, it’s working fine in Vectorworks)

Hello - we do not have one of these here as far as I know - have you checked with 3dConnexion to see what they have to say?

@Markus - have you heard of this?


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Hi Pascal, yes sent their support team a message, and also posted on their forum, awaiting reply, as mentioned it works fine in Vectorworks

Works for me.
Windows 10 v1903
3DxWare 10.6.0
Rhino v6SR16
CadMouse Pro Wireless connected via UR

To be able to reproduce please supply either the following basic info:
OS, 3Dconnexion driver version,Rhino version, how the CADMouse Pro wireless is connected, the contents of %appdata%/3Dconnexion and %localappdata%/3Dconnexion (when Rhino is running).
or (if available)
Press Shift and Right Mouse button with the cursor above the 3Dconnection icon in the systray -> Run Diagnostics->Collect System Information and send the generated zip file to 3Dconnexion.

just updated to latest SR on V6 and it seems to be ok, :+1: