Rhino 8 3Dconnexion Cadmouse compatibility issue

Is anyone here using a 3Dconnexion Cadmouse with Rhino8? My radial menus and the interface to create buttons and radial menus show text only, no icons, in Rhino8.

I don’t have any other versions of Rhino installed on this computer. This is a fresh install of the 3Dconnexion drivers and software. radial menus contained icons in Rhino6 and Rhino7, though there were some bugs if you were running both on one computer.

Windows 11

Screenshot 2024-03-28 154812
Screenshot 2024-03-28 155807

example from Rhino6 with the icons

It’s been a while since I’ve moved from Rhino 7 to Rhino 8 (WIP) and I think I needed to recreate my radial menus.

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To be clear, are your radial menus showing the icons? Because what I have is a new install of Rhino 8 on a new computer with newly created radial menus. I have also cleared the AppData folders for 3D Connexion in a troubleshooting measure as per the recommendation of 3Dconnexion support, but the issue persists.

But I had the same issue on a different computer that had multiple versions of Rhino and had previously created radial menus.

I am wondering if the radial menus show icons in Rhino 8 at all for anyone, or whether the issue is something on my end. Perhaps some setting within Rhino itself.

Yes my radial menu shows icons.

Hello Martin Siergrist,

Can you post a pic of your radial menu? I am in a bit of back and forth with the 3Dconnexion developers in the forum, and the 3Dconnexion Support team. A member/dev in the forum says that icons don’t work in Rhino8 with the 3dconnexion driver, and the support team assures me that they do.

I have done everything from deleting my config files to a full clean install of the 3Dconnexion driver. I haven’t done a new clean install of Rhino8 yet.



The radial menu is a few months old. The Append to mesh command once had an icon but now I cannot set a command with an icon so I don’t know what’s going on. Certainly some things to fix for the developers at 3Dconnexion.

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