Buy rhino 5 now or wait for rhino 6?

considering buying rhino, but still on the fence about maybe some other packages. sicne R5 has been out a while i suppose r6 is around the corner so i have a couple of questions:

  • when approximately is r6 estimated to hit the market ?
  • is there a list somewhere of what the major changes/improvements/new features will be ?
  • will r6 still run on Windows 7 ?
  • if i wait and buy r6 when it comes out, will r5 be included or will i then only be able to download/use r6?
  • is rhino usually pretty backwards compatible with 3rd party apps/plugins, so for example is there a chance that older versions of CAM or Render packages will still install and work in r6 ?


Can’t answer all of this but here is what I know:

There is no release date set yet.

Here is a draft list (non-exhaustive)

I’m pretty sure that will be the case (64 bit only)

There is still an open debate on that, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

No, pretty much all plugins compiled against earlier versions will need to be recompiled for V6 by their makers


hey thx for the quick answer, looks like buying r5 would be a better deal for me then

I suppose it won’t be possible to buy R5->R6 upgrade anytime soon?
You know, it might be worth failing my diploma next month. :smiley: