Rh5 or Rh6?

Hello guys,

I found more people are using Rh6 with GH. Maybe I am old school so I`m still using Rh5 with GH…
Multi-thread calculation is quite attractive to me however this can be used just a few components.
And some plug-ins can not be transferred into Rh6, for example: Karamba.
In spite of that, can anyone has switched from Rh5 to Rh6 give me some advice?

Thanks a lot,

If you have R5 and are thinking of getting R6 then you might as well. With R6 you can keep up to date with new features, whatever doesn’t work in R6 you can just use R5 for (you can have both installed without a problem).

Some videos on what’s new in GH for Rhino 6:


Hope that helps

I don’t understand, karamba works in rh6 very well. Just have to use version 1.3.0 or higher I think, means a bit of updating of components, but that isn’t hard