Rhino 6 for mac


at my work we are willing to upgrade to Rhino6 and this has to happen at once for all users. The problem is we have several users on Mac. Is it possible to have all Rhinos working under version 6 tho? I assume the MAC users should be on WIP, but how this relates to the licensing?

thank you for helping

Updating everything all at once may be ill advised.
I would not switch application versions in the middle of a project. Too many things change or are a little different. It’s just disruptive for no benefit.

Another major consideration are third-party plug-ins. None of your V5 plug-ins will work in V6.

As to Mac Rhino, Mac V6 is in development. It is Not production ready. It’s generally pretty good. I would not consider shifting to it until development moves into the Release Candidate phase.

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This is not the case JB. Certain plugins (C++ based) will not work; the other ones will.

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My plug ins are Vray and Grasshopper… everything is supported

That’s technically true @stevebaer, but when users talk about plug-ins, they are almost always talking about major plug-ins like Vray, Matrix, Orca3D, RhinoGold, VisualARQ, etc.

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Matrix, Orca3D, and RhinoGold are not C++ plug-ins. Also, Mac Rhino doesn’t even support a C++ SDK so there are no issues with older plugins being broken due to binary incompatibility.

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Hi Alex,
Sorry to go off topic. This was a licensing question.

Currently the Mac 6 version is still in WIP which means your Mac guys would need Mac V5 licenses to use the WIP.

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