Can I upgrade to Rhino 6 but still use Rhino 5 for RhinoCam

Hi all,
I am running Rhino 5 (edu) and would like to upgrade to Rhino 6 (edu). I frequently use the RhinoCam 2017 plugin which will not currently work on Rhino 6, as per a discussion I had with MecSoft.

They will be releasing a 2018 update, yet its release date is not confirmed and it appears it will be charged for as an upgrade.

So in the meantime, am I able to upgrade my Rhino 5 to Rhino 6, yet still keep a licensed copy of Rhino 5 which I can use to do my CAM work?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!!


Installing V6 does not touch V5. V5 is left intact.

However, you will still own a single Rhino license.
That means that you can’t have Rhino 5 running on one computer and Rhino 6 running on another with a single license.

Make sense?

Hello, I believe I have a related question, so i will post it here.

Buying a Rhino 6 License, allow me to install and use Rhino 5?

Kind of the same issue I need to use some plugins that currently haven’t released a Rhino 6 Version. so, Is it plausible to use Rhino 5 meanwhile they release the new plugin version, this is to avoid buying a Rhino 5 licence then upgrading to Rhino 6 few months later.

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No. A Rhino 6 license key only works for Rhino 6 and the current WIP.
If you need to run V5 and don’t currently own a V5, you’ll need to buy one.

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Understood! Thank you for the quick response!

I really appreciate the new Version and all the improvements and features you did on it!!!

I’ll wait for the plugins to get released!

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Great!! Thanks for the fast response…looks like I’ll be upgrading:+1:

If you have active maintenance on your RhinoCAM, there won’t be an additional charge for the V6 version of RhinoCAM.

And if you don’t have active maintenance, you should get it, because the tech support it comes with is worth every penny.

Absolutely. When they say they are your “CAM Partner” they really live up to that.

Similar comment; I owned a rhino 5 license and then bought a rhino 6 license. Upon doing so I deleted rhino 5 off my computer before realizing that rhino 6 only operating in bit 64; which has caused my laptop to crash. Am I able to re download Rhino 5?

Hello - is your system 32 bit? If so, assuming you do not plan to upgrade to a 64 bit machine, you should return your V6 for a refund. You can download the V5 installer from


My laptop is 64 bit, so I thought it would be okay, but it is a couple of years old and doesn’t seem to handle the program very well. Is requesting a refund just sending an email? And that won’t effect my rhino 5 license?

If “a couple” is 2 years, than Rhino 6 shouldn’t be crashing your system.
If you are able to run Rhino 6 in safe mode, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and paste the results here.

As for the refund, please directly contact your local reseller or