Rhino 6 timeline

I see Rhino 6 being referenced in several posts here and I think it’s great you’re working towards the next big release of Rhino.

Is there more information on what the timeline will be towards that release: are you aiming for it to be available in one, three, five or more years? What can we expect?

What about WIP and beta releases? I started using Rhino 5 just over a year ago when it was still in beta and liked the open development process a lot.

Something like that…

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We’re still working out those details. Several of our developers are doing active core structural work on Rhino 6 now, and we’re hashing out the planning phase to determine what will be included in 6 and future releases. We are hoping to have a much shorter beta and release process going forward, because we’ve heard loud and clear that many of our users simply cannot use beta software. They want improvements just like everyone, but have to wait until we release.

It is my personal goal to work toward commercial releases every year or two, and we’re making internal process changes to (I hope) make this possible. That is not a promise that we’ll release in Rhino 6 by 2014 (two years after V5 released) - it’s a goal.

When we have more details to share, we’ll post them here.

Ok, good to know. I understand you can’t make any promises but it’s nice to have a ballpark idea of the development and release schedule. I for one liked the open beta/WIP process.

Phew… don’t have to run to the stores tomorrow then :smile:

Every year? O, no AutoCAD’s way of half-finished product!
Year and a half is better :}}

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I also hate the yearly cycle Autodesk is on. As a cad manager it is a pain to migrate everything and roll out a new version in our office, only 10 month later do all over again. I would prefer at least 2 years between releases with more improvements.


After almost year of this conversation there are news ???

Any updates here? I would love to test a WIP Version if there is any…



Playing with the WIP’s (Actually have always used them for production work) is the best part of the process! Best WIP’s in the business hands down!!

Anxiously waiting…

Not a peep on the subject from McNeel??

Don’t ask a fat woman if she’s pregnant.
Don’t ask a software publisher when the next version will be ready.

These two rules are universal, so be VERY careful if you feel the urge to ask. But, if you REALLY need to find out, get a friend to ask … and pretend you don’t know them afterwards.


Any chance that Rhino 6 will have parametric relationship abilities allowing for constrained assemblies, essentially integrating Bongo into the core software? In my opinion this is a feature that would complete the Rhino package and increase engineering functionality.

I would say there is no chance of that…


24/8/2015…rhino6 ?

Octombre 1st. 2015

Rhinoceros 6? meshes on make2D command?
OpenGL optimisation?

mesh support for Make2d is in the Rhino 6 WIP.

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When? Any date set?

I’d like to see a multi core support in next Rhino release… Right now I own an i7 INTEL processor, with 4 cores and 8 streams… And time after time I am catching myself finking - i5 with smaller core count but higher frequency- fwould be preferable… So plese - fix my mistake and add a multi core support in next release :):slight_smile:

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Take a look at this thread… McNeel can only multi thread certain processed due to the serial nature of modeling



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Rhino 6 MUST HAVE a better OPENGL implementation, like MAYA3D!!!

PS: Rhino 5 SR9 with GeForceEnabler > Rhino 5 SR12.

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