Free upgrade to Rhino 6?

I introduced Rhino to my friend few weeks ago. and she is interested in purchasing Rhino 5 sometime in the early spring. however I told her to wait until Rhino 6 is out so she won’t have to pay for an upgrade.I am afraid If I gave her a wrong info plus nobody knows when RHino 6 will be released, so Id better ask here just to be sure =
Will there be a free upgrade from Rhino 5 to Rhino 6 for New user?

thank you

Nope. There never have been in the past… However, as I’m not an all seeing entity, I will just say “extremely unlikely in the future”.


Also, don’t sit and wait for something (a Rhino 6 release) that “extremely likely” will not take place in 2015.

LOL, so Rhino 6 will have to wait till 2016?

darn, where did I put that crystal ball again?

…or 2017. No one knows. As in the past, it will come out when it’s ready. It would be foolish to hold off buying Rhino 5 just because you want to save the price of an upgrade at some undetermined time in the future.

It is probably worth mentioning that in the past the upgrade pricing for Rhino has been substantially less than the full price that would be required for the original purchase.

I stumbled upon this thread by accident and all I can say is I really hope she didn’t way to for rhino 6