Map keys to 3dConnexion Space Mouse

Does anyone know how to map the shift key to one of the buttons on the SpaceMouse Navigator? I want to be able to press the button to select multiple objects, snap to ortho, etc. without removing my hand from the mouse.

I can map rhino functions to either button, but i just want to map the shift key. Any ideas? Rhino support staff is no help, and google isn’t turning up anything either.

Set the shift key in the control panel of 3dconnexion
Paolo Nozza

thats not an option. It directs me to use the rhino GUI to map buttons.

In the main control panel of 3Dconnexion. Not what internal rhinoceros but external to it.
In rhino GUI is not possible

yup. the image i attached is the main control panel. Im running windows 7 64bit with the latest 3d connexion drivers. thats why it looks different from yours.

Right, my drivers are those contained in the CD Package

Ciao Paolo

are you suggesting i rollback to the drivers that shipped with the mouse?

See you. I did it with the new ones because I could not get the CTRL and SHIFT

Clicking something happens?

no. clicking on the highlighted section does nothing.

I’m sorry but If you really want to use the shift and ctrl keys you need to install the “old” driver :frowning:

Ciao Paolo

thanks Paolo, i will give that a shot

what version of the software are you using?