Button in edit dimension style box (partially) off-screen

If I push the preview smaller I can also make it completely disappear, but I can’t make it fully appear, it always moves down with the lower window and is partially obscured. (6.8.18226.15051, 14-08-18)


Hi Mitch - I can’t seem to make it disappear completely here but it looks like there is enough on the side scroll bar to bring the button into view on yours…?


You’re right, didn’t see the side scroll bar actually…

However, the button still auto aligns with the bottom of the window which doesn’t make all that much sense to me, IMO, it should be placed just under the “Adjusted text height” entry so it’s always visible…

Unless there is some other info that might appear in the blank space under certain conditions?

I don’t think the scroll bars help anything there.


RH-47974 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate