Edit toolbar button - Select button window too small


This window needs scrolling for anything past the first two buttons… It seems unnecessary.

Could this window be bigger please so the user does not need to scroll?

I imagine the window size could be automated to be slighlty bigger than the content?


Hi Martin - it does remember if you stretch it out taller, correct?


I cannot drag the pop up window nor change its size.

Yeah, sorry, you’re right, mine is very tall so I assumed I’d dragged it out at some point. I’ll get this on the list, thanks.
RH-78537 Edit toolbar button: dialog needs be resizable


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Seems to work OK here… (4K laptop screen running at 225% scaling)

True, does not seem to be adjustable in any way.

@martinsiegrist - before you posted this, I had no idea you could even choose the button to edit that way, I always shift+right click on the button itself, à la V1.0-7.0…

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That is much better.

Thanks @Helvetosaur