Toolbar Edit Button Missing

Hi there,
i cant find a way to edit this toolbar “Main_TH_230517” (see screenshot).
I imported this with the RH7-options.
Also its not listet under Options>Toolbars.
Its linked as side bar for another toolbar tab and somehow it seems to be integrated in the standard toolbar group…
Any ideas?

i use W11 + RH 8 SR6 (8.6.24101.5001, 2024-04-10)

Hello- look in the drop-down at the top in your screenshot - where it says ‘default’.


Its not there…

OK thank you, found it as a part of this other toolbar.
And i can edit it there.
Unfortunately the button image editor now takes SVG only??? And the drawing funcionality seems to be a mess…i couldnt draw a simple diagonal line…the pen jumps wherever it wants…

Yes, we’ve gone from bitmaps to vector-based icons

Yes, the current editor is junk. They’re working on a new one. I do mine in Rhino and export - somewhat limited - or you can make them in Inkscape or some other illustrator type program.

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Thank you for the info… throwing in some pixels was a pretty quick an easy way for me though.
You draw your button images in RH? Interesting. Is there somewhere a tutorial where i can have a look at the workflow? I Didnt do 2D Grafics in RH so far…

As a template I use a 48 x 48 square with the origin at the upper left corner, the square is set to “No Print” and locked… Draw anything you want in the square using curves and hatches only. If you want text, explode it and make a hatch with it. Then Export the result as SVG - use a custom size (48 x 48) Vector, set the view to Extents, scale 1:1. Then try importing the result in the button editor. Takes some experimentation.

You can also import some of the standard button images - they won’t come in correctly, but you might get some curves and hatches as a guide to make your mods…

SVG-48x48.3dm (2.3 MB)


As mentioned, this seems to have some limitations, as Solid Hatches with a Radial Style seems to break the workflow (i.e. it won’t actually import into a macro button’s image editor. Sigh.)

Any kind of gradient hatches don’t work for now… the only elements that do are curves plus solid and line hatches.

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