Small toolbar bug

Hi All,
when Rhino is not maximized, let’s say it covers half the screen and the complete toolbar doesn’t fit in (EvoluteTools toolbar), then you get an arrow sign to access the rest of the buttons, when you click it, the rest of the buttons don’t show the actual name and actual icon, but the buttons they were copied from, if they were copied from another button. Once you click to edit it, it does show the current icon and text…Strange. Any ideas on this ? Sure, the clean way to do it is making buttons from scratch, but sometimes we just copy one until we have an icon for it.

So, the process is, copy a button, make changes including to the tooltip to the copy, and the new tooltip is not seen if the button is ‘hidden’, correct?

OK- this appears to be the ‘linked’ toolbar- if you change the link to No Link in the button editor, does that look correct?


Hi Pascal, correct, neither the new tooltip, nor the new icon appear when buttons are hidden.
But no, the buttons are NOT linked and it still happens.