Toolbar button size and Sidebar Visible


Is it possible to change toolbar button size and the visibility of the side bar by scripting or with RhinoCommon?



@JohnM, is this possible?

This is not currently possible.

@JohnM, can you make a YouTrack item for this for V6?

Oke it would be great to have it for V6. When I install my plugin for customers I always have to change this manually now.

Actully I did some more poking around and found this a static property Rhino.UI.ToolbarFileCollection.SidebarIsVisible which can be used to show or hide the side bar.

I created this bug report for Rhino V6 and went ahead and added the functionality.

Great to hear. I’ll try the sidebarIsVisible one :slight_smile:
Only need to keep the other one manual till the V6 xD