Building 2D Voronoi with rounded corners

Hello guys just trying to find some help here with building a 2D voronoi structure for simulating melamine foam in my COMSOL program

I’m just new to this program so image 1 is the work I did, However I’m looking for a way to build like image 2.

Rounded corner and offsets, and maybe better if I could control the porosity with grasshopper

I uploaded my grasshopper file which is really basic, woud REALLY appreciate help thanks everyone


image (5.1 KB) (9.5 KB) (9.8 KB)

Thank you so much!!! Finally Solved my problem!!

Thanks for attaching the file!!! You saved my day!!! Huge respect to you

Thanks again!

Thank you so much!!!
But how to import this type of file into Comsol?

2 years later :question:

I have no idea what “Comsol” is? This?

The same as you would any other geometry I guess. Someone posted an exporter recently, here it is:

Or you can bake geometry and export it from Rhino. Or the Pancake plugin has export/import features.