3D Voronoi on a geometry?!

Hello guys,
I’m a noob in Grasshopper and I’m desperately trying to solve a script.
What I’m basically trying to do is to recreate a 3D Voronoi on a geometry to after pipe the voronoi frame in order to obtain a sort of 3dimensional version of it. I managed to do everything with a box but I can’t complete the same operation with a pre- established geometry. From an old discussion in the forum (2013) I found a definition (photo attached) that seems to appear exactly what I want in Rhino but apparently just doesn’t work for me. Hope someone of you can help me with this issue. Thank you in advance.

Geometry to 3D Voronoi.3dm (568.6 KB)

Boxed Voronoi (result to obtain with my geometry).gh (15.5 KB)

You choose the long way ; don’t use difference in rhino
create voronoi from the cube than use difference in grasshopper

  1. Your geometry is located far from the origin. It’s better to move it because, Rhino looses precision for objects that are far from the origin.
  2. Your object is way to big. It’s better to scale it to a meaningful size.

N Rimoldi.gh (96.0 KB)

P.S. If nothing above solve the problem, Explode your geometry, select resulting surfaces and run ShrinkTrimmedSrf then Join them together.

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Thanks for the prompt replies guys. Tonight I’ll give it a better look but it seems exactly what i need. Thank you!