Voronoi based 2 different model having porosity 10 and 20 %

Hello Guys,

I just came to know about the capability of Grasshopper software merged with rhino software.

I am writing because I need to draw two different model using voronoi code with varied porosity. Is it possible to do in grasshopper or not. As I am new to this forum, so any sort of help and advice will surely help me in acheiving my project target.

Looking forward to hear from someone soon. Many thanks guys.


Definitely possible. Just use the search function on this forum or google for it. There are 100000 threads and scripts out there.
If you have tried yourself and fail, don‘t hesitate to ask on as specific problem. :slight_smile:

thanks Tim for the answer, well I already google it and looked some videos on the YouTube. They are just showing how to plug different functions with one another, I understand it is the way of perform algorithm. But Can you please tell me if possible in a sequence for just one model, how to to do it or any videos that you might know?

For example outer cube dimension is (5 mm each), inside some voronoi pores with 10 % porosity ( how to confirm if the porosity is 10 % or not) or can we just define it in software. Sorry for asking basic questions.

Here is an example for you to start.
You can choose the number of Voronoi cells, the size of your input box, the percentage of cell to remove and the seed of the random shuffling.

Voronnoi porosity.gh (14.0 KB)

Merci, Baptiste for your help, can you please tell me which command shall I use to generate 3d model out of this algorithm.

When “brep” component selected, just right-click on the canvas and choose “Bake”.

Edit : you can also use the bake function directly by right-clicking on the component you want to generate. It wil give you access to more options like layer, object name or color…

For information only: here’s the other thread.