Picture Frame objects only showing images in Render mode

Hey guys I’m new here and I’ve recently started using Rhino again after a couple year hiatus. Anyway, I am going through some of the tutorials and after using the Picture Frame for the Dragonfly tutorial, I was able to see the Picture Frame images on the surfaces in shaded/wireframe modes (great!). I saved the .3dm, moved the files to a new computer, and now I can only see the images on the surfaces in Render mode. How can I see the Picture Frame images in Shaded or Wireframe modes again? I’m using version 5.3 on macOS 10.12.3. Thanks!

I just re-created the picture frames. Easy enough :slight_smile:
But I’m still curious if I am missing something here

Picture frames are just surfaces with a material applied, what makes them special is that they always display in Rendered mode. I’m not sure why yours failed after saving and moving to a new computer, but to get them back you could have used setObjectDisplayMode and set it to Rendered.


setObjectDisplayMode… thank you! I knew there would be a command for that but I couldn’t find it. much appreciated!