Png Transparency in render display mode?

Does Rhino support the display of images with transparency in render display mode?
If I place a picture frame with a png with transparency, although he scene render fine, however the transparent areas appear white in the viewport display.


PS: Maybe the Serengeti is a better place …

Thanks Micha.
I moved it to “Rhino for Windows”. Isn’t Serengeti for WIP 6? I’m using 5.

You can’t expect any update for Rhino 5, any improvement will be added to v6 only.

I understand. I just thought that this feature existed already in ver 5. Thanks.

Yes, Rhino 5 does support the display of transparency in picture frames in a rendered viewport:

gr, Tobias

Well … it doesn’t seem to work for me. I wonder what is different in my system.

Make shure AlphaTransparency is activated in the PictureFrame command options:

First corner of picture frame ( Vertical SelfIllumination=Yes EmbedBitmap=Yes AutoName=No AlphaTransparency=Yes ):

aaaahhh … I never noticed these options before ! Thanks!