Bugs with piped curves

latest beta:

when changing the radius, once it hits 0, you cannot change it back to another value, options get grayed out
in technical display piped curves always seem to have radius 1

I am unable to repeat either of those issues.

I drew a wiggly curve and ran Pipe.
I set a diameter on one end of 5 and on the other of 0, then added an additional different diameter part way down the curve.
No problem.

Technical display works correctly for me too.

So what’s different about your system?
Have you tweaked the Technical Display settings at all?

You might try dumping your PLIST to see if that gets you sorted.
I’ve seen a variety of odd behaviors that were sorted with a PLIST refresh.

Dumping what? How? Why?


oh, now I see that we’re talking about different things. I mean ‘curve piping’ where curves get a meshed thickness instead of nurbs pipe command. So the procedure is: draw a curve, apply curve piping and reduce the value until it hits 0. After that it gets disabled and can’t be turned on for this curve

edit: I now see the pipe thickness not updating in technical display is there in Windows too. Not the other bug.
It only updates when moving/copying the curve. Refreshshade doesn’t work for curves…

Sorry, those are not tools I have any experience with.
If you can give me a specific example I can repeat, then I’m happy to get a bug added, but you’re going to have to step me through it.

My Rhino expertise is in other areas.

I did:

hope the below also clarifies. Added some shading to the tech display to better see it:

The other bug I described is not in windows.

@BrianJ uses these tools and says he’ll get bugs logged tomorrow.

Thanks for the reports! I filed the Mac specific curve piping set to 0 bug as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-53479

And the Technical mode update issue as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-53480

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