Piping a closed curve

With a simple closed curve, I am using the pipe command. It is working fine with some and glitching out with others so that there are all these crisscrossing pipes. Any ideas of how ti troubleshoot?

well its difficult to say without a picture, but generally it occurs pretty fast that the diameter of a pipe can become self intersecting when building up around narrow curves. so lowering the diameter or widening the curve is the only way. you can also use multiple diameters and lower them around sharp curves if its just for an optical impression and has no means of being exact.

but in case you mean that it kinda jumps completely apart the only reason i could think of is that the points of the curve are not equally distributed or not clean in other matters for example breaking tangency, so Rebuild might help.

here a picture to show what can cause a glitch seen on the left the little jag which can happen when the curve is being build up linear and some points got shifted.


Thanks so much, that makes sense because it worked fine with an identical curve that was offset and larger(wider curves). Will give that a try!