Pipe Not Working

Hi All,

I have a series of curves that I need to pipe. The pipe has a 2" diameter with a dome cap. The curves are polylines (7 joined lines). I was able to pipe about 70% of my curves perfectly with the pipe command. I have about 25 curves left that are doing crazy things. I tried redrawing the curves, but I got the same results. I can’t rebuild it because that changes the shape of the curve (which I can’t afford for this project). The pipe does 2 things: It pipes only half of the curve successfully, or it creates these massive dome caps. See attached.

gotta be something screwed up with those curves.

turn the points on and look for any weirdness or post the curves here-

Pipes Not Working_Please Help My Curves.3dm (158.8 KB)

look at the points of your curves, you have tons of super tiny segments that are not necessary.

rebuild your curves to eliminate those small segments and it should work fine-

the segment has to be longer than the diameter of the pipe in order to change direction if you need a short piece, over build it then trim it back to the correct length.

I will try this. I need those small end pieces so I will try to maybe remove the caps and replace them after I trim the curve. Thanks for taking a look at the file.

can always just send it, and then explode/trim the resulting pipes as needed.

I tried it on one curve and it worked nicely. I think I could get away with eliminating those small segments entirely. It wouldn’t be noticeable in the final model anyways. Thanks for the suggestion.