Curvepiping: two bugs + three feature requests

Hi @andy, all,

I wanted to report two bugs on curvepiping:

  1. Scaling curves is scaling pipe
  2. _SetObjectDisplayMode does not work with curvepiping.

Also I’d like to add 3 more limitations that are feature requests:
3. I cannot match a curvepiping from one curve to another
4. I cannot enter values for radius in non-default units. For example I cannot enter 0.125" when my Rhino file is in mm.
5. There’s no more command anymore for CurvePiping? Same for EdgeSoftening? Why are they gone? I want to setup some custom macros for various radius amounts, and I cannot do it without command line access.



With a curve selected: _-Properties _CurvePiping _Radius=0.75 _Enter. Likewise _EdgeSoftening for other objects is accessible through _-Properties.

Nice Nathan, that’s where you guys hid them! Thanks for letting me know.

You’re welcome. Took me a while to find them myself, too, so wanted to share it with you (:

I second those wishes match curvepiping would be a nice option.

Also the option to add a size in “diameter” and not just radius.
I just created a set of guitar strings and had to divide all the published values since they are given in diameters not radius. I think most things piping are documented in diameters. Perhaps there is a way to enter a formula in the radius box?

Using pipe I can texture map the pipe and it works but when I try it for curvepiping there doesn’t seem to be proper texture mapping applied.

Please lets get the different profiles option happening that would be huge for this or if not here at least in the pipe command.